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Do you know that the famous Bingo game is known in UK as Housey Housey? Although the origin of Bingo games is not really known, it has become a very popular game since people first came to know about it. Bingo is a game of chance that is played by marking numbers on a ticket as they are called randomly on. To win, a winning combination must be achieved. 

The English versions of American Bingo games and are similar to how the game is played. However, tickets and calls are slightly different.

The game is actually run by a caller who calls the numbers and validates the winning tickets. The winning tickets must have winning combinations like row, two rows and full house. A line combination is actually made up of a horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket. On the other hand, two lines cover both lines on the same ticket. As a result, a full house combination covers all fifteen numbers on the ticket.

In the UK, a two-line game usually follows an online game. A two line game is also usually followed by a full house game. On the other hand, in New Zealand, three lines can be claimed with much bigger prizes. Additionally, a full house is played multiple times throughout the session. In all cases however, the last number called must be in the winning sequence. As such, it is important for the player to stop the game in time before the caller calls the next number in order to avoid a invalidated claim.

Today, the computerization of bingo game systems is increasing. Indeed, in the United Kingdom, a self-validation system is mainly used in large clubs. This is done by a staff reading a security code of 1 to 8 digits. This system saves the club from reading the time of each number on the ticket. However, in smaller clubs every number should be him.

The electronic random number generator in UK bingo halls has caused the use of the above nicknames in running Bingo to decrease dramatically. It is not surprising that since Bingo with an electronic RNG is much less time consuming. In addition, replacing the nicknames with a simple repetition has allowed bingo halls to focus on the more lucrative business of cash mechanized bingo games. So, with the advancement in technology, Bingo with RNG has proliferated, not only in UK but in other parts of the world as well.

Online gamers have certainly increased with the prevalence of bingo games. As a result, many members of the online gaming community have taken to starting to learn the game. In addition, it has also attracted online gaming community to participate in online Bingo games as well. With the thrill and excitement that Bingo offers, it is no surprise that many people from all over the world have become more and more involved in the game.